Workshop Features

IES’ award winning Virtual Environment software allows you to design and operate comfortable buildings that consume significantly less energy and incorporate low carbon and renewable technologies

Attendees will gain a clear, in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of computerized building energy modeling, and will also have the opportunity for hands-on building simulation experience during the workshop.

The knowledge you  will  gain  by  participating  in  this training  program  will position  you  to  be among the select group of professionals available to meet this growing demand for effectively administered  computerized  building  energy  simulation,  Building  Modelling,  Understanding Building Input Parameters, Energy Simulation, Interpretation of Simulation results, Analysis of results either for your own organization's projects or for those of your clients.

Who Should Attend

1. Energy Modelling professionals for LEED®, IGBC, GRIHA, ASHRAE.
2. New users of IES
3. Practicing Architects and Engineers
4. Revit Modellers
5. MEP Design Engineers
6. Green building Professionals
7. Consultants
8. Building Professionals
9. Energy Auditors
10. Academia
11. Developers
12. Electrical, HVAC consultants

For more details regarding the complete course module, kindly download the below IES VE Training file.